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Recently at work, I received the latest edition of Parents magazine in the mail.

After tearing the plastic off, I was immediately awestruck at the exquisiteness of cover model, mom Hilaria Baldwin. From her perfect smile and smokey eyes, to her sun-kissed, shaved legs and beautifully manicured toes, she is simply gorgeous.

Parents Magazine
My co-workers laughed at me, lovingly, as I obsessed over the life of this seemingly perfect mom. Her three, soon to be four adorable children, smiled with their big, blue eyes looking right at the camera, not a hair on her (or their) head out of place. While the littlest one has his hands in his mouth, this doesn’t seem to bother her because she isn’t the type of mom who stresses about this type of thing, or anything for that matter.

In my mind it played like this:

Hilaria, with her perfect name, attends yoga, daily, after which she sips on an organic smoothie while her kids enjoy piano lessons. She picks them up and strolls through the park, enjoying the fresh air. Next they go and indulge in a hearty vegetarian lunch, which the children scarf up and thank their mother for, because they are kind and polite tiny humans.

Finally, while her children take their three-hour nap Hilaria contemplates some more yoga, possibly a nap of her own, but feels so incredibly rested that she decides to finish the book that she started just a few days ago (that’s right, just a few DAYS ago). About 2 hours into the allotted three-hour nap schedule, the nanny arrives so Hilaria can head to childbirth classes.

Afterwards, she’ll meet her friends for a quick bite to eat and then it’s back home to her wonderful family.

Ah the life of Hilaria… so damn inspiring, as the cover so seamlessly stated; “Moms who inspire us.” Now, let’s break it down and get real.

Here are 10 things that inspire me:

1. Hot Coffee

No, I am not referring to the lone cup that has been reheated 7 times and lasted until lunch. I am referring to a legitimate, steaming cup of coffee straight off the Keurig. Some may say “ah it’s the little things, isn’t it?” But coffee is no joking matter, nor is it considered a “little thing” in my house hold. Allow me to finish a fresh cup of hot coffee and I’ll be a pretty damn inspiring mom myself.

2. Showers

Taking a shower is often the most inspiring time of my day. Add washing my hair while showering and it’s practically a spa retreat. Now, mind you, I am not so inspired by the shower taken with a toddler and a newborn in the bathroom with me, while I sing every rendition of every toddler tune known to man to keep children entertained. I’m talking about the real deal, a kid-free, peaceful shower…that’s not too much to ask, right?!

3. Bed time

Bed time inspires the hell out of me. As much as I love spending time laughing and enjoying the little moments with my kids, when 8:00pm rolls around and I can practically taste that glass of wine, that is when I’m truly overwhelmed with “inspiration.”

4. Clipped toenails

Hilaria can have her beautiful manicured toes, I’d settle for timely clipped ones myself. Yes, this is gross, but, it is also unfortunately true.

5. Shaved legs

While we are at it, as for those flawless tanned legs that the cover mom boasts, I call it a win when mine are shaved. Again, not the most flattering inspiration, but it sure does make me feel like a queen to have smooth legs!

6. Eating while sitting down

That’s it. A simple sit down meal can be extremely inspirational. Put hot food (see #1) in front of me and remove also feeding baby & toddler and I’m golden.

7. Peeing alone

Nothing makes you feel more like a goddess than when you’re actually able to sit on the pot and pee, without a tiny human staring at you.

8. Naps

Now, I can’t necessarily speak from personal experience, but let’s throw this one on the list for the hell of it. I would imagine that naps are pretty incredible, resulting in a rather refreshed and inspired individual.

9. An empty laundry basket

Who doesn’t love an empty laundry basket and that glorious 30 seconds when we can actually see the bottom of the basket, before the next pair of dirty socks hit it? Let’s be honest; a mom who can accomplish the virtually impossible task of creating an empty laundry basket, is a mom who is ready to take on the world.

10. Pizza day at school

At my kids’ preschool, they have pizza day one day a week. On this day, I am saved from the grueling task of packing lunches, a task that I probably obsess over entirely too much- “Will they eat what I’ve packed? Is it healthy enough? Did I pack enough? Is there too much food that is going to go to waste? Will the teachers judge my choices, etc.”– On the eve of pizza day, the night that I am spared the lunch packing debacle, a sense of calm overcomes our house. I am wholly inspired by pizza day.

With all joking aside…

What I’ve come to realize from my Hilaria Baldwin magazine cover obsession is that as moms we all have our moments. Moments when we are overwhelmed with the joys that our tiny humans bring us and in those moments we couldn’t imagine our lives in any other way. Then, there are the moments when all we ask for is 5 peaceful minutes to clip our toenails and feel as if at any point we could break.

As gorgeous as the Parents magazine cover was, I am sure that even Hilaria has her moments. We take the good with the bad.

Three things.

Upon receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award at the first-ever ESPY Awards, in the midst of his cancer battle, Jimmy Valvano said the following:

“When people say to me how do you get through life or each day, it’s the same thing. To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. Number three is you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.

So regardless of our daily inspirations as mothers, and despite our shortcomings, I think we can all thank God for our incredibly inspiring children. It is without fail that my children have given me that “something special.” They make me laugh, think and cry more than I ever could have imagined. They are my inspiration to be great, to be real, and to live each and every day as best as I know how. Mom life is far from flawless, as my “daydream” of Hilaria’s life portrayed. However, there is something perfectly beautiful within the imperfections and I wouldn’t trade a day of it for the world.

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  1. Beautiful Kate! These things you will miss one day. You will feel unwanted or should I say needed. I remember when my kids hit first grade! Independence began there! They told me don’t walk them to the bus stop anymore. They even used the words “I embarrassed them.” They proclaimed they were not babies. So of course I cried and would hide behind the bush at the bus stop! Then the snuggles and PDA fell away and night time rituals, friends, then boyfriends! Ugh. Thank God for Grandchildren! However, I am sure the circle will begin so again I cherish these memories!

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