The Things I Should Have Done

Sleeping child

This morning we were up so early. I’m talking before the birds early where you’re not sure if there is enough coffee in the world to get you through your day. The time change has wrecked my kids, and if we are being honest my own sleep patterns are screwed too.

With that extra time this morning, I should have folded the laundry in the basket that has been sitting in my living room for days.

I should have gone for a run.

This morning I should have cooked a nice breakfast.

I should have placed a grocery order, or even better started some online Christmas shopping.

I should have read books to my kids, or even read one for myself.

I should have definitely cleaned the bathroom.

My hair needs to be washed, so I should have done that too.

I should have gone in to work a little early, rather than 15 minutes late.

I should have mopped my floors with that extra time.

I should have purged the playroom in preparations for the upcoming Santa visit and while we are talking about Christmas, I should have taken down my Halloween décor.

There are a million of things that I should have done. My to do list is never ending and as soon as it dwindles more things come up.

But here’s the thing. Out of all the million items on my list, not a single one of them comes before my kids.

Today I snuggled my son until he fell asleep in my arms, for an unexpected morning nap. I breathed in his sweet toddler smell, kissed his soft cheeks, and played with his baby fine hair. 

My coffee got cold, because I didn’t want to move him to pick up my cup.

My laundry still sits in the basket and my hair remains unwashed.

I know these moments are few and far between and yes, sometimes those things on the to do list do actually have to get done, but not today. This morning, was one of those moments where I wished time could have just stood still.

The groceries could wait. The to do list will always be there but these mornings won’t last forever.

So, as I chug my cold cup of coffee as I race out the door, already 15 minutes late for work, I have nothing but gratitude in my heart because this morning I did exactly what I should have done. 

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