Intentional Parenting

Mom with her babies

Parenting is exhausting. There is no denying the endless second guessing and guilt that comes with the territory. In my best attempts at being the perfect parent (I know, ha ha), my knowledge as an early childhood educator often gets in the way.

I struggle with the fine line between my teacher skills and parenting. So much material can overlap and sometimes I struggle to turn the teacher off. However, there is one piece of teaching tiny humans that I try to bring into my “momming” and that is intentionality. In teaching, you want everything you do to have a purpose or a why behind it.

Take snack time for example. When serving goldfish teachers may present the children with a magic number. They encourage a self-serve style snack, where even young children are taught health and safety practices such as wearing food service gloves and counting out their own snack from a larger plate or bowl. Think of all of the skills that children can learn from snack time when it is done with intention- math & counting, fine motor skills, health and safety, hygiene, patience as they wait their turns, discussions about healthy eating and so much more.

I challenge you to try to alleviate the mom guilt and add some ease to parenting by parenting with a purpose. Think about what you’re doing and move forward with love and intentionality, bringing purpose to your words and actions. Parenting driven with understanding and goals even if they are small, will result in a much more enjoyable experience for all. 

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