Let’s Beat that Mamahood Melancholy

Women holding white wine

Motherhood is beautiful, wonderful, and gives us all the feels. Still, there is no denying just how hard these days can be. We try to live in the moment and hear all too often just how quickly time passes, but man, the exhaustion is real and that defeated feeling has become somewhat of a norm. So, this weekend, during the craziness of this season, let’s think about pausing for a moment to check in our ourselves with three quick ways to beat that Mamahood Melancholy.

1. Water

Drink all the water and then drink some more. Every day you should be drinking at least half of your body weight in water. Something so simple that will make the world of difference in how you feel.

2. Food

As moms, we eat on the run, we eat leftover granola bars, and sometimes a kit-kat counts as breakfast. Take time to nourish your body. This doesn’t have to involve a drawn out nutritional plan (although bonus points if you do) but it should involve taking the time to actually eat real food.

3. Move

Get up and move your freaking body. Have a dance party, run in place, take a walk just MOVE. Remind your body and, more importantly, your mind that you are ALIVE.

So mamas, when you’re feeling that overwhelming feeling creep up on you, check in on these three items. Be good to yourself, take a deep breath, and of course, when all else fails, wine will always be there!



The Winey Mama

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