The Illusions of Motherhood

Stressed mom with kids

I have a “mom” group text with some of my best friends. Typically, we start chatting as early as 6 am (sometimes even earlier, because, you know… kids) and continue talking throughout the day. We talk about everything under the sun. While a lot of our conversation is centered on “moming,” other things come up too. We chime in as we can throughout the day because we are all full-time working moms, but one thing remains: we always find comfort in one another. We always know that we have each other to lean on for understanding, support, and of course the laughs.

This morning, we started by discussing preschool/daycare drop off. My friend Jenny started her Friday and feeling like she’d lost that “Mom of the Year Award.” To throw salt on her wound, she was feeling like everyone else had it all together, until she heard a parent who had just realized his kid was still in PJ’s… ahh sweet relief in knowing we aren’t alone in the daily struggle. 

We continued texting back and forth talking & laughing about the illusion we have that we are the only ones messing up. So this week, mamas, go easy on yourself. We are all in the same boat and we are all just doing our very best. Lean on your mom-friends and find comfort in the humor of daily parenting. And, as always…. wine helps!


The Winey Mama

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