The Day of Love..

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I think it is safe to say that January 2020 was the longest month ever known to man. Meme’s were flying all around social media highlighting that it felt like January 74th. But, now here we are and just like that it’s Valentine’s Day. For as slow as January moved, February seemed to pick us up and plop us right down on that magical, albeit controversial, Hallmark holiday.

After buying snacks and Valentine’s for my boy’s preschool Valentine’s Day parties, I had somewhat of an epiphany. I walked out of Rite Aid-because yup, I was that mom buying the stuff on the 13th, from a drug store, feeling like shit with my Toy Story 4 Lolli Pop Valentines and Oreo cookies (at least they’re double stuffed) in tow, and texted my closest mom friends. Why did I feel completely inadequate for not Pinteresting the hell out those Valentines and baking cookies from scratch? Where did this pressure to do it all come from and why did I feel so crummy for not meeting this ridiculous standard?

My friends, being my tribe, my sisters, my people responded with “Pinterest exists to make us feel inadequate about everything hahaha” and a simple “Nope. No time!” to which I immediately started to feel better.

While the Pinterest Valentines are of course adorable, they are a ton of work and usually end up being more expensive. What’s more is that the kids don’t notice, and typically they’re torn into and devoured before anyone else gets to see them anyway. My realization was that as mom’s we don’t do these things for ourselves and we don’t do them for our kids. We usually do them for each other. We do these things for the “Did you see how adorable Susan’s kid’s Valentine’s were? She is SO creative.” *Insert eye roll directed at Susan.*

While I’m on the topic, let’s talk about the Oreos (you do remember I said double stuffed, right?). These cookies will be gone, devoured, and love by both my two-year-old son’s toddler class as well as my four-year-old son’s PreKindergarten class. Yes, I could have spent time baking the adorable heart shaped cookies that would cause you to turn your head (well, I could have attempted to make them but I’m no Betty Crocker), but they would have gone to waste. Kids don’t need the bells and whistles, they love an Oreo just as a much as that home-baked cookie. And if I’m being honest, I’ve been known to throw back quite a few Oreo’s myself!

Another realization crept up on me as I was reflecting on the subpar treats I’d purchased. I don’t enjoy doing all the crafty things. There, I said it. I am not that Pinterest mom. I sure as hell hoped I would be. But, the fact of the matter is I am not creative, I am not crafty, and I do not enjoy the process. To some, this may equate being less of a mother, but to me, and to my people, this just means we throw our energy into other things, things that feed our souls with positive vibes and all the good feels.

So if Pinterest Valentines and baked goods are your jam, you go mama. But, if you’re like me and prefer to leave the crafting to the experts, you are equally as fabulous in my book. We have more than enough to stress about!

To quote a good friend of mine “I can only be a fun Pinterest mom a few days a year and this is not one of them.” Amen to that my friend! Now, let me go enjoy my glass of wine and Netflix while Susan heads to the kitchen. Happy Valentine’s Day…Cheers mamas!

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  1. Well said!!! Your children were proud of their Valentines! That is all that mattered. As a mom now mom mom I learned about the pintrest moms… they are usually a stay at home mom which is rare in todays world. However, why must we compete?Would your children be happier with the candy robot you built? Or sharing a love with their friends of their favorite characters? I learned the latter. Now going to their peers…. Snacks are snacks! They do not think “Oh Trevor’s heart shaped cookies are prettier or yummier! They see cookies!!! Mothers need to think on their level and realize they arw thankful for any snack! So. Lets stop beating ourselves up and keep doing the great job we are doing by participating in school activities and being there for our children. That is what they will remember. THE REST IS HOG WASH

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