In Support of the “Mom” Style

Mom and child

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The transition to the mom style

Yup. It happened. I got the “mom cut.” I cut my long locks and traded them in for a “lob” otherwise known as a long bob. This all happened shortly after I got my mom car, which, just so happened to be my dream car, a Honda Pilot-I’m officially rocking the mom style-can you say living the dream??

As moms, we joke about these changes that happen after we have children. You know, you birth a tiny human and trade in your bikini for the momkini, or the late nights out for some eye cream. Motherhood changes us in so many ways, and before we know it the barista at Starbucks knows our order by heart, and can tell by the look on our face whether we need that added shot of espresso or not.

The acceptance of the mom bag

Let’s talk about the mom bag, for example. Anyone else go from carrying a cute clutch, with a lip gloss, license and cell phone to a backpack with diapers, wipes, inhalers, Tylenol*, nail clippers, a Nose Frida*, among other sci-fi looking items? Leaving the house now equates prepping like I would have prepped for a short vacation, and let’s not forget the inevitable blow out that is sure to commence right before you walk out the door.

The mom style meals

How about meals? I actually enjoy cooking, and prior to having children, I was building quite the impressive Pinterest recipe board. There was even one pre-kid Christmas where I baked a whole spread of Christmas cookies.

However, now with tiny humans in the picture, I make chicken-nugget salads. Yes, you heard that correctly chicken nugget salads. In fact today I had a 5-minute conversation with the genius creator of the chicken nugget salad and good friend of mine where we highlighted just how wonderful these chicken nugget salads are. Now, don’t be fooled into thinking chicken nugget salads are more than they are. They are exactly as their name implies, chicken nuggets- I’m talking the dinosaur shaped Tyson nuggets- on a bed of lettuce. Add some shredded cheese and cucumbers and you’ve got yourself a delicious “adult” meal right along with nuggets that the kids devour.

The dreaded mom-bod

Next, I have to highlight the mom-bod. There was actually a point, after having my first son, where that devilish number on the scale was LESS THAN what it was even before I was pregnant. That’s right… I weighed less than I did pre-pregnancy. So, naturally I’m totally feeling myself, and dig out the dress that I wore to my rehearsal dinner before our wedding. A super cute a red lace dress, with just the right amount of sex appeal and class.

I put that bad boy right on, turned and looked at myself in the mirror to reveal an awful sausage in casing version of myself. What-the-serious hell is this?! I immediately checked the batteries in our scale-nope, all was good there. So how in the HECK did I weigh less and look worse… one word… MOM-BOD. All the miles I’ve ran, donuts I’ve skipped, salads I’ve choked down, and there is still no denying those baby-bearing hips.

Still, the mom style is my favorite look

So, while my dinner menu has decreased in size, I am proud to say that my heart, along with my hips and my purse, have grown in size. Yes, motherhood changes us. I could buy stock in eye cream and dinosaur chicken nuggets, but there is no version of myself I’d rather be.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission based off of any purchases made through the links.*

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