Motherhood: Cabin Fever, Medication and my Village

Parent taking care of a sick boy

We are covered in amoxicillin.

Me, the kids, the dogs… all of us reek of that distinct smell of that ever-popular antibiotic after wrestling the two-year-old to get a dose in him.

He was just diagnosed with a double ear infection, and influenza A, accompanied by many other lovely symptoms and our household has turned into some form of a chaotic infirmary, without any nurses or doctors, just a crazy mom, a cabin-fevered 4 year old, seriously sick 2 year old, 2 stressed dogs, and not nearly enough wine. Oh, and should I mention we are only on dose 3 out of 20? Maybe it will get better as he gets used to it but judging by the blood curdling scream that he let out when he saw that orange prescription bottle, I’m thinking he is just going to get smarter and more difficult to tackle.

After painting the family room with the amoxicillin, it was on to the hospital grade bong-like nebulizer treatment, featuring a cocktail of medications to help my little guy’s lungs. He actually sat well, this time but who knows what the next treatment will hold.

Cue the mid-morning meltdown as both my four-year-old and myself threw temper tantrums-we aren’t even the ones who are sick!

After a screaming match and the decision to take him in to preschool (it was really in his best interest-just keeping him safe), I talked to my mom. I felt like the worst mother in the world for not keeping him home with us. I want him to remember a fun, compassionate, kind, and caring mother and I feel like I was everything but those things this morning. Leave it to my incredible mother to reassure me in all the right ways. She always knows exactly what to say and speaks right to my heart. How she does it, I’m afraid I’ll never know but I hope that someday my kids feel even half of the unconditional love and support from me that I’ve felt from her.

Then, what’s even more is that I’m on day 5 of either partially showing up for work or not making it in at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that I work with friends who are as close as family, I’m pretty sure I’d be on the short list. I don’t know what I would do without the support of my work family, especially my “work wife” as I like to call her who is endlessly supportive of my momming.

My text messages to my mom friends consist of asking if it’s normal for his urine to smell, mixed in with “regular” mom talk of college savings accounts and wills. Another shout out of gratitude goes to my girls… I am eternally grateful for my best friends, who make days like this just a little bit easier.

I’ve washed, I’ve bleached, I’ve opened windows. We’ve watched virtually every Disney movie offered, THANK GOD (see, I’m good with the gratitude, right?) for the new life-saving streaming platform, Disney+. Screen time has been my savior because it is the only way I can get two very energetic boys to relax and rest-they need it! Needless to say, I am proud to boast my newest, albeit useless, talent of reciting Toy Story 4 from beginning to end.

I’m not exactly sure when I last showered, or when the boys last had baths-my husband and I actually had a 5 minute conversation trying to decide if they had baths Saturday or Sunday night-that’s 5 minutes we will never get back and just goes to show how all of the days are blurring together. But still, my husband remains my rock-he’s working his ass off to provide for our family and still runs out for that much needed bottle of wine after the kids are, kind of, sleeping. He keeps me laughing and smiling and I feel like despite the endless chaos, I fall more in love with the man every day.

To all the mamas out there who are like me dealing with the excessive funk of this season, call on your village to help. Call on your people, your circle, your team, whoever you need to tag in to get through the craziness.

And now, I leave you with a question…. Is 10:40am too early for wine?

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