Love the Skin you’re In

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In the wake of COVID-19 and all the craziness surrounding this virus, many people are looking outwards for supplemental income.

Nothing is ever promised

With this pandemic overtaking the world, we are more aware of this than we have ever been before. People are scared, some even fighting for their lives. Therefore, people are taking extreme measures to ensure the protection of their families.

This isn’t a story of how I made my millions.

You won’t hear how my life was transformed with some amazing product. This isn’t another pyramid scheme, as I’ve been told. This isn’t a “hey girl” message to people I haven’t spoken to in years. However, I’m admitting that I’ve been down that rabbit hole. Much to my surprise I loved reconnecting with people. This is simply my story, and hopefully my best effort at evolving some of the stigma connected with network marketing or direct sales.

Growing up, I was never overly concerned with skincare.

I used a bar of ivory soap on my face for years and never had any issues. It was easy and it worked, so as the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, I had no idea just how “broken” my skin actually was.

I’d seen a good friend of mine posting on social media about her partnership with two dermatologists. This intrigued me for a two reasons. For one, I have a secret desire to enter the medical field, and although that ship has sailed, her proximity to these doctors was fascinating. Two, she seemed to truly LOVE what she was doing, a quality that is unfortunately rare in today’s society. Typically, we hear people complaining about their day to day jobs so it was very refreshing to see someone who was having a lot of fun while earning a living.

After watching her on social for a while, I decided to reach out and ask her exactly what she was doing. We had a phone conversation and she informed me that she had the opportunity to partner with the dermatologists who had developed Proactive and was a consultant for their derivative line, Rodan & Fields. She provided me with a mini facial sample which I was immediately hooked on –my skin, after one use, had never looked or felt better. Just like I said, I didn’t know how broken my skin was until I used high quality skincare and noted the difference.

Still, I maintain that this was not life-changing just eye opening.

I decided to jump on board as a consultant. I was in love with the products and intrigued with the business. And so began my journey as quite possibly the flakiest consultant to enter direct sales.

I hit the ground running and was initially pretty successful.

After my first few months, I had earned enough to fund a trip to Las Vegas for my husband and me. I was significantly supplementing my income and my skin hadn’t looked better. Then, naturally things started to slow down. My initial network died down and I started reaching out to those in my extended circle and sharing my story. This left me feeling awkward and annoying, despite the fact that no one had ever made me feel that way.

The course of the next 7 years went something like this:

I would dive into the business, doing everything I thought I should be doing. My paycheck would increase and then I’d step back when my funnel fizzled & things got “weird.”

But, here’s the thing and here is what keeps me coming back.

Despite being completely hands off, for extended periods of time, I was still bringing in supplemental income. That speaks not only to the quality of the products but also to the business model. The products are replenishable, which means my loyal clients keep re-purchasing. Additionally, unlike a lot of other similarly structured businesses, there isn’t a hidden agenda. They are transparent with your earnings and pay out when deserved. There are no business fees and the money that consultants put out is to replenish their own products.

So, like I said, I’m not making my millions (although I work alongside women who have), and my life wasn’t changed by the products. But I do have some pretty kick ass skin for a super busy 34 year old mother of two. Plus, I’m bringing in some fun, residual income. I’ve even taken the chance on not one, but two of these business models after falling for the products-more to come later.

Ignore the negativity surrounded with these ever-popular business models.

They’re not all built on pushy, crazy, “hey girl” messaging obsessed consultants looking to earn the extravagant giveaways and fund a second home. Most are just women like me who’ve fallen for a great product and enjoy the extra money that comes with sharing about it. Give your friends a chance-you might be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer.

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