Restoring My Faith in Humanity

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Unfortunately, we live in a world where no one can be trusted.

If you watch Law and Order, or the news, you see that everyday people are shot walking to the grocery store. Or, how about kids Halloween treats being injected with heroin? We live in a world where you have to hold on to your kids tighter than you’d imagine. Tighter than I was held as a child; which is a surprise, because I am an only child. You see so many horror stories on the news about children being lured, kidnapped, smothered at a daycare, and stolen by those that were trusted. But, not everyone is a murderer. Not everyone is a kidnapper. And this is proof of just that. Proof that there is some hope. Restoring my faith in humanity was no easy feat. Still, one kind-hearted man proved to me that there is good in the world.

Today, I was walking to my car after a particularly frustrating shopping trip to Homegoods.

Stupidly, I went in there alone with two kids, one of whom is your typical threenager with a major attitude. Big mistake, I know. But I was feeling bold. After navigating aisle after aisle of breakables and handing out what seemed like 600 snacks, I had finally decided that maybe today was not my day. My infant was crying, my toddler was yelling at me because said snack was not pink (what snacks actually are pink??), and I finally called “Uncle”. I put back the few items I had in the cart, which of course were from opposite sides of the store, mind you. Believe me, I thought about just leaving the cart where I was, like I had done at Target when my toddler put ABC gum in her mouth, but that’s another story for another time.

The Problem

Anyway, I’m leaving, no ‘great finds’ that I was promised by Homegoods when I had entered, and only a shred of my sanity and dignity. I get to my car and find that not one but two cars, larger than mine, had parked so closely to me that I couldn’t open my doors. What in the actual f***? There’s no way those people were able to exit their vehicle, unless they were Kendall Jenner.

After a struggle, I was able to wriggle my way into the back seat on the passenger side to let my equally wriggly threenager in. I then shoved my post-pregnancy body where it did not belong to buckle her in. But I was no where close to being able to open the driver side back door wide enough to get myself in, let alone myself and my nine-month-old in her carrier. I stood there bewildered, holding my baby in her car seat, on the verge of tears, trying to figure out what I was going to do.

The Moment: Restoring my faith in humanity

Just when I had decided I would open the trunk and climb in, baby carrier and all, I heard a voice. An older couple I had watch park a few cars away was walking in to return what was actually an adorable lamp when they stopped to ask me if I was ok. No, I was not ok. They looked and saw my predicament and the man said “I’ll back your car out a bit for you”.

Those who know me well know that this is a big deal.

I do not like strangers nor do I trust anything anyone says. I watch too many TV shows that prove you cannot trust a soul. But I had no other choice, other than keying the cars parked on either side of my Explorer, which believe me, I had strongly considered. So, I let him. I let him take my keys, get in my car, with my threenager smiling innocently in the back, and back my car out for me. And guess what? That’s all he did. He didn’t steal my car OR my kid. He didn’t lace my car with some sort of biological warfare, because this is where my mind goes.

Thank you, adorable, lamp-returning Wayne and your wife, for seeing a mom struggle and offering help. For not stealing my car and my kid. For restoring my faith in humanity in a world where everyone looks twice at people every day because no one can be trusted. If you had asked me if I would ever allow a stranger into the driver’s seat of my car with my keys and my kid in the back, I would have slapped you. No. Never. Not in a million years. So, thank you Wayne. For being an upstanding citizen. And for not releasing a biological weapon in my car. That would have ruined this whole story.

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