Toddler Interactive Books: The Ultimate List

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission based off of any purchases made through the links.*

Toddlers love books. Books are often one of the first gifts that you will get when you are expecting. Everyone has their favorites and are always eager to share. They are easy to store, travel with, and can effortlessly keep a kid busy for at least a few minutes at a time. Toddler interactive books may even check multiple boxes and sometimes, that’s all we need right?!

When my kids were toddlers, we loved having a basket in the living room full of toddler interactive books. At any time, they could independently go to the basket and read their book of choice. Board books are great for little hands. The pages are easy to turn and can withstand a ton of pulling and tugging.

Over the years, we’ve come across our favorite toddler books (and our not-so favorites).

We really like:

  • Books that have heavy duty pages
  • Books that have large text
  • Books with bright colors
  • Books that are funny
  • Books that are interactive

We really don’t like (ok, this is mostly the grown-ups here, the kids LOVE this stuff):

  • Books that require batteries
  • Books that have tiny pieces or parts
  • Books with a lot of paper flaps (it never fails that they get ripped almost immediately)
  • Books that have the noisy, annoying buttons that never stop (unless you run out of batteries, of course, which brings us back to number one)

This doesn’t mean we don’t have books that fall into the latter category. We have a found a great set of interactive toddler books that will keep everyone happy. Even the noisy ones are included, because let’s be realistic, we really can’t escape those things.

Start adding these interactive children’s books to your wish list now!

Herve Tullet’s books are a colorful adventure* 

Mix It Up by Herve Tullet

Press Here by Herve Tullet


If you haven’t found these books yet, you need to go find them right now. They are small board books that are focused on colors. There are no touch-and-feel pages or noises. They are simply touch here, turn the page, and see something really exciting. The kids believe that they are controlling the colors and it’s a blast to watch them work through the pages. 

This children’s book is guaranteed to make everyone laugh*

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak


This book doesn’t necessarily require the interaction of the kids, but it requires the adult that is reading it to do some pretty silly things. It’s a bit ridiculous, but the giggles that come from my kids during this book are worth millions. This book has been in our house for six years now and we still read it regularly.

B.J. Novak’s creativity here makes the book enjoyable for both the toddler and the adult. I should mention that it’s not a board book. It’s a hardcover book with standard, pages that are eager to be ripped, so this one is best in the hands of an adult vs. a toddler. It’s still worth it though, just keep it on a high shelf!

The interactive toddler books that are better than screen-time*

Gallop by Rufus Butler Seder


Scanimation books are the new tablets for toddlers. I came across this book at Costco and couldn’t put it down. Rufus Butler Seder created an entire series using his patented technology that makes images move on each individual page. They are sturdy, fun, and educational. These interactive toddler books are like a video without a screen.

Toddlers love touch-and-feel books*

That’s Not My Hamster by Fiona Watt

Touch and Feel Fall

Baby Touch and Feel Colors and Shapes  


I love watching my kids read touch-and-feel books. Sometimes it’s soothing for them, other times they find themselves laughing at something sticky on page, and sometimes they are just downright joyfully confused. These interactive touch-and-feel books are just a few of our favorites. The “That’s Not My _____” series from Fiona Watt is adorable and will always get the kids laughing.

Books for when the kids need to move their bodies*

Little Yoga by Rebecca Whitford

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle


We like to call these our “rainy day books”. When we can’t get outside, we’re always itching to find a way to get moving indoors. My kids have always loved yoga and this book is a great beginner book for little toddlers that are anxious to move their body. The photos are not only cute, but easy for the kids to understand and replicate the poses.

Eric Carle is a staple children’s author and we have a lot of his books in our collection. This is one of our favorites because it gets the kids up and moving trying to act like the animal on the page.

The infamous toddler noisy books*

Melissa and Dough Poke-a-Dot

Noisy Farm

ABCs with Elmo

Potty Time with Elmo


There is no getting around it, kids LOVE these noisy, interactive books. It’s like they have their own little radio that they can control. Some of them are great learning tools and have helped us a lot during significant toddler learning moments (like potty training). We like the ones that gravitate towards an educational goal like ABCs or animal noises. The Noisy Farm is twice as awesome because it’s also a touch-and-feel book.  

Every toddler loves a good hidden picture book*

First Look and Find

Highlights Find It Series


 I remember reading Highlights and Where’s Waldo as a kid and getting roped in for hours. Now they are making similar books toddler-friendly and they are just as fun.

We love the First Look and Find series. You can find a book for just about any television show or movie that your toddler might be in to. The books are amusing to look at and not that challenging. Not only can the kids spot the items quickly, but it gives them a great sense of accomplishment. Toddlers love the positive reinforcement!

I really adore children’s books that require engagement, movement, and humor. I hope that you found this list helpful when searching for the right books for your kids or to give as gifts. What books are your favorites? Please share! I would love to hear about ones that I haven’t found yet.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission based off of any purchases made through the links.*

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