The Best Gifts For New Parents

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Choosing a gift for parents can be a challenge. First, parents are superheroes. From juggling schedules to making sure everyone is bathed and fed to virtual learning as of late. And, what do you buy a superhero? And second, there are way too many options for just about everything these days. With new products coming out every day – it is tough to know what are the best gifts for new parents or what is even needed at all.

To help you choose the perfect present, here is a list of the best gifts for new parents. We’ve broken it down into five categories: essentials, nonessentials, convenience, time and self care.

The essentials.

Many parents fill their registries with sleepers, stuffed animals, swaddles, books, toys, etc. They forget some of the essentials they will undoubtedly need. Possibly, they simply do not know what they will actually need until the very second they are in need of it. One of my favorite presents I received when I was expecting my son was a basket full of essentials. These gifts had been hand selected by a new mama friend. She knew exactly what items would make our life easier at that time.

Some memorable items from her basket included*: 

Did I mention the diapers? You could also help start their diaper supply. This is a gift you know parents will need and, of course, use. It is often skipped over on registries because they just are not quite as fun to buy.

The nonessentials.

Instead of getting someone a practical present like the basket full of essentials, you could go another route and get new parents the nonessentials. We know we all love those, too! Sometimes the best gift for someone is something they would never buy for themselves. Think a high end item such as a DockATot* or mamaRoo*. These items may not be necessities, but will definitely become favorite – my son practically lived in both.

While I disagree, my husband insists that monogrammed or personalized anything also falls into the nonessentials category. From monogrammed onesies and monogrammed blankets to personalized books and blocks*. These gifts always get major credit for being thoughtful and unique. 


Any parent will be forever grateful for the gift of added convenience. My mind immediately jumps to meal time when I think of convenience. Feeding babes in the early days is an all day affair whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding or both.

If your gift recipient is using formula, they will absolutely adore the Baby Brezza* – and you for giving it to them! It’s basically a Keurig* (hmm, that would be a great gift for any parent, too!) for babies/formula. Once kiddos move on to solids things don’t exactly get easier, but they sure do get messier. The day my son tried Dragon Fruit (the glitter of fruits) was the day I discovered the BISSELL Crosswave*. Rather than sweeping and then swifting (and then grabbing a paper towel to get what you didn’t clean up sweeping or swifting), the Crosswave seriously does it all and offers the exact convenience parents need. 

Other items that add convenience are items parents will use on the go. For example, a pack and play, a clip on high chair or even a baby carrier*.


Whether it’s time for them to shower, time for them to nap, time for them to fold the load of laundry that has been in the dryer all week long or perhaps most importantly time to snuggle their little one(s) while you help out with the rest – one of the best gifts for new parents is time. Rather than swinging by to love on a little one, grab a quick snuggle and then ask the parents what you can do, so they can enjoy their time with their babe or tend to another pressing need. Or better yet, depending on how close and comfortable you are with the parents, don’t ask and just do. I’m the queen of pushing help away, and I’m really not sure why because when family or friends ignore my hesitation and just jump in and do it – it’s glorious.

Babysitting could also be a gift! Suggest the parents take the time to go on a date night sans kiddos (perhaps even give them a movie or restaurant gift card) and offer your babysitting services on the house. Extra points if you do the dishes and put the toys away while they are out and about!

Self Care

When my son was born it was sadly surprising when people asked how I was doing versus just asking how he was doing as people sometimes seem to forget the impact bringing a child into the world can have on parent physically and emotionally and focus on the excitement of the newborn. For this reason, any gift that is solely meant for the parents (rather than a gift for the parents that is really for the child) will go a long, long way. Self care presents are few and far between, but so very needed. From comfortable pajamas or leggings* (especially for c-section mamas) to massages and manicures or self care kits* there are so many wonderful, comforting options to pamper parents.

Even with all of these great options, at the end of the day, the very best gifts for new parents come when you provide your support. Tell them you are there for them. Ask them what they need. Never judge, and always understand. Check in with them and simply make sure they know you are not going anywhere and they have your support no matter what they may need.  

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission based off of any purchases made through the links.*

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