As a full time working mom of two tiny humans, I started writing to vent. It is safe to say that all of my dreams have come true; I married my soulmate (and I don’t use that term lightly), had two gorgeous baby boys (with plans to continue procreating), and I have a career that I love. Still, as we all do, I have my moments. Those moments when you text or call your bestie and give a good rant about how you would love nothing more than a meal without having to stand up to stop the toddler from pulling your 8 year old dog’s tail. In an effort to spare my friends from one more “arhhhhgggh” text, I started writing. I decided to share my writing via blog, not to “go viral” but to give other moms something to relate to. So whether you’re a working mom or a SAHM, whether you have one or ten tiny humans, whether you’re doing it with your soulmate or you’re a single mom, my hope is that you are able to pour a glass of wine, sit back, and laugh, knowing that you’re not alone. After all, we’ve all hidden behind the counter while scarfing down a cupcake ;-)… CHEERS!

*P.S. If you’re reading this, thank you!! Please leave a comment or feedback- it’s greatly appreciated! And, stay in touch! Xo


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