Friday Motivation

Hi Mamas! 

As you all know it takes a hell of a lot of effort to make it to Friday, while keeping the tiny humans alive. So, this week as we raise our glasses for making it through the week, we are coming to you with our first Mom Tip of the Week! Every Friday, you’ll get a small piece of advice for keeping your sanity while keeping the tiny humans alive, right to your inbox!  

First up: Stop the madness by stopping the madness.  

They make us yell, they make us scream, they make us completely lose our cool. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire- the second you start to teeter on the edge of going all momzilla they can sense it and naturally a tantrum or breakdown will ensue. So, how do you stop the viscous chain of events?

Stop. Getting. Mad.    Yes, it is much easier said than done but 10 out of 10 times that you channel your anger into a hug, a conversation, a mommy time out or deep breath the chaos will naturally start to defuse.    Mama, YOU are in control and this is a method that works without fail. Stop the madness by stopping the madness  No, you won’t magically turn into a zen’ed out, yogi form of a mom, but practice makes perfect and the more you work to find the peace in the moments of frustration the happier you’ll be.   

And remember- there is always wine!

The Winey Mama